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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Review

Tiger Woods PGA tour 14 is a simulation video game which provides a realistic insight into the ponderous game of golf. Developed by EA Tiburon, this game almost feels like a documentary on the sport – it includes everything from golfing history to legends and even the newest locations. The game calls for a lot of meticulous thought and precision but still it never feels wearisome or dull. The developers have managed to inject flair and excitement into the laid back, inarticulate game of golf and this is quite commendable. Whether you are a seasoned golfing aficionado or just getting introduced to the sport, PGA tour 14 will definitely enthrall you and educate you too!


As a player, you can choose between several options. You can either compete as some of the modern day professionals or chose to play in the career mode. You can also play online and duel with other players. In the career mode, you begin with amateur championships and learn about the intricacies of the game as you take on more difficult challenges. As you progress, you get a chance to pitch your skills against some of the greatest legends of the sport.


There is tremendous attention to detail in Tiger Woods PGA tour 14. Aspects such legendary players’ swinging style and attire have been successfully integrated into the game. Even the choice of golf clubs and thought process is similar. In career mode, you can choose your golfer’s clothes, equipment and attributes such as power, accuracy and so on. As you proceed further into the game, you get a chance to improve your skills and also to unlock new tournaments, outfits, golf clubs etc. You can either use either Kinect and PS moves or regular manual controls to take shots. When making a shot, the gamer must consider several aspects such as type of club to use, wind speed, backswing and point of contact with the ball. Note that even though all this requires a bit of practice and dexterity, PGA tour 14 never feels overly technical. The developers have done as great job of introducing new concepts gradually and this makes it easy to grasp and assimilate every element of the game. You can choose to play at different times of the day and even form your own country clubs while playing online.

Tiger Woods PGA tour 14 features some top golfers like Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, Bobby Jones and many others. It also features 20 golf courses including the famous Augusta National, Crooked Stick and Atlantic Athletic Club. Several other courses can be downloaded if desired. There are 21 major tournaments that the player can compete in – Some of these include high profile tournaments such the US Open, PGA Championship, BMW Championship etc.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 has splendid graphics. It successfully captures the scenic beauty of all the locations it features. The changes in equipment, styles, locations and weather are not just noticeable – they are fully appreciable. If you choose to play in the night mode, you get too use illuminated balls. It is such kind mind-boggling detailing that makes PGA tour 14 a hit. The game truly eclipses all previous editions and is an absolute pleasure not just to play – but also to watch!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Reviews

All PGA Tour 14 reviews are generally favorable – Metacritic gave it 77 points out of 100 for PS3 and 81/100 for Xbox 360. The game has been praised for its inclusion of ‘Legend of the Majors’ as this adds lot of depth and makes for an enriching, dynamic experience.

Who is the Game Suitable For?

Tiger Woods PGA tour 14 is suitable for everyone. It might even prove to be beneficial in developing your analytical skills!


Golf Club memberships cost a fortune. However, if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, then you should play Tiger Woods PGA tour 14 as it is the next best thing to actual golf! Considering the fact that you get to play with legends, it might even be better than the real thing!

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