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Metro: Last Light Review

Metro: Last Light Review admin

Metro: Last Light

Gameplay - 90%
Graphics - 80%
Audio - 80%

Summary: Last Light is neither a technical masterpiece nor does it have much pedigree to rely upon. Still, it gives several other big names a run for their money.



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The Good: The game connects with the audience and invokes real emotions, an unusually passionate and well crafted plot, powerful weapons, balanced gameplay, excellent build up to the finale.

The bad: Not much really, a few problems with visuals but nothing too severe.

Trust is rarer than common sense and betrayal is the most preferred currency. The human race is hanging by a thread and people are busy doing what they do best – killing each other. Oh, and there are mutants too! So welcome to hell and good luck trying to stay alive – let alone saving the world! Metro Last Light is a game that will actually make you tremble and quiver.

Russians are generally the bad guys in most games. They are depicted as evil gangsters, heartless criminals and demented scientists who are hell bent on annihilating the planet. Almost all bond flicks and innumerable other films like Salt, Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher etc. portray Russians as the villains. So if you encounter a Russian in the virtual world, then most probably that person is your enemy. This is where Metro: Last Light is different – this game actually has a Russian protagonist and that is a very refreshing change indeed! Gamers are genuinely fed up of being American soldiers and special agents. There was a time when this was considered to be cool and drew lots of attention. However, almost every second game is designed from an American perspective and this makes things a bit too obvious. Metro: Last Light presents things from a completely different point of view and earns brownie points for this. First person shooters are enormously popular and a game has to be seriously good to have an impact. So while Last Light does not set any new standards in its genre, it is nonetheless a remarkable addition to it.


The game is set in Moscow – No – not ‘in’ Moscow but ‘under’ Moscow! The city has been wiped out by an apocalypse and survivors have taken refuge in the metro tunnels that lie beneath the debris. Exploring the top is downright perilous and really sets your pulse racing. The player is named Artyom and he must find a way to make sense of the chaos that surrounds him. The city is full of mutants and instead of uniting against the enemy; the citizens are fighting amongst themselves. Civil war is imminent as various groups struggle for the possession of the ultimate weapon. Artyom becomes entangled in this scheme of things and his personal loss and anguish lend dynamism to the entire story. As he becomes entrenched in the plot, it becomes evident that he is the only hope or the ‘Last Light’ for humankind’s survival.


The most amazing aspect of Last Light is its ability to draw the gamer into the plot. This is not easy as video game enthusiasts have seen it all and it takes something really special to surprise them. At a time when most other games endeavour to emulate the success of other big franchises in order to make a quick buck, Last Light delivers a performance that is original and truly compelling. The reason for this is that while most other games are envisioned in offices, Metro was adapted from a novel written by Dmitriy Glukhovsky.


What accentuates an already sensational plot is the intense gameplay. Things happen exceptionally fast and you are constantly forced to stay on your toes. Just as an artist paints a picture using several layers of colours; similarly, the game stuns you with wave after wave of melodrama and action. Last light is not the last word in visual excellence, but even though the graphics are just average – the tension still remains tangible. There are a few troubles with the characterization of some characters but since the protagonist’s character is so well developed, these issues go unnoticed.

Metro Last Light feels like an interactive movie and the sense of occasion really gets to you. The fighting sequences are downright devilish and even though you have powerful weapons, succeeding at missions still remains a challenge. Only this is a challenge that you are bound to relish. Last Light has been very well received in the international gaming fraternity. Game spot gave it a score of 90 out 100 while IGN granted it 7.7/10 for the PC version and 7.2/10 for gaming consoles.

Last Light is neither a technical masterpiece nor does it have much pedigree to rely upon. Still, it gives several other big names a run for their money. It is easily one of the best releases in 2013. That may seem like a bold claim but here is some food for thought – Metro Last Light has a finale that will give you goose bumps; how many other games can you say that about?

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