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God of War: Ascension Review

God of War is an extremely popular exclusive that was released for the PlayStation in 2008. In fact, when the game first debuted I went out and bought a Playstation just to play this game. I am a big fan of God of War the games series is…well…killer. Now, years later, we get to dive into a prequel to God of War: Chains of Olympus, where it first began. Enter, God of War: Ascension. A multi-player action packed adventure with Kratos.

Ascension Game Plot

In Ascension, we are faced with Kratos, a spartan General who has accidentally killed both his wife and children. As a result of this crime, Kratos is imprisoned by the Furies, 3 sisters that are prepared to make life a living hell for Kratos. Kratos makes a quick escape, and then we get into our first boss fight with one of the three sisters. After this, Kratos explores the regions of the prison on the back of a giant Greek mythology monster in search of solace and truth, but instead is met with battle after battle, carving his character to what he is in God of War: Chains of Olympus.

After this small turn of events in the prison, we can see we will be taken down a series of events that will eventually lead to Kratos’s entire breakdown and his thirst for Vengeance. The user is taken on a long path and finally in the second half, the story picks up and begins to develop. However, when you are playing with the Blades of Chaos, you have to make yourself pay attention.

The story itself is sliced and diced right into the action. Personally, I like this. If I wanted to sit and watch a story for an hour, I would have rented a movie.

Ascension Gameplay

To me, the gameplay was very good. Its very bloody and the visuals in the game are top notch and are visually pleasing. Overall gameplay is very impressive. The gameplay speeds up and down when we have to solve puzzles and climb walls, which is only a short reprieve from the blood thirsty battle.

Ascension Features

The control system in this game has been altered a little, but in a good way. He now has new abilities that are quite useful to this game. There are a few new weapons such as spears and even chains, but the Kratos main damage makers, his twin blades, end up causing most of the damage in the game. Killing beasts and enemies with Kratos’ bare hands also remains satisfying in Ascension. The world that surrounds Kratos is surreal and cinematic and the soundtrack rocks…literally.

Ascension Overall

Overall this game is still the God of War that we love. Grotesque action, perfect cinematic details, and high intensity action. The story just adds a little depth and meaning to all of its action. I mean, Kratos
had to have some reason to get angry, and we see why. After all, he wasn’t born angry. Or was he?

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