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Gears of War: Judgment Review

Gears of War: Judgment is the latest release in the definitive 3rd person-shooting series which has produced many of the greatest gaming moments of the Xbox 360 era. The previous 3 releases from the series, which have all been 100% exclusive to the Microsoft brand, have been met with critical acclaim from throughout the gaming industry, including from many of the sternest reviewers. The question is, does ‘Judgment’ live up to the previous versions and provide the perfect “swansong” before the series moves over to the next-generation Xbox? Keep reading to find out in this revealing review!

Truly Stunning Graphics

As expected, the graphics are stunning with beautifully realized character models and incredibly detailed backdrops on which the intense action takes place. While not a massive graphical step-up from the previous already gorgeous Gears of War games, it is pretty clear this is the best looking release of the bunch. It is as if the developers have been able to “squeeze” every last drop of power out of the now ageing Xbox 360 platform. The environments are notably more colourful in palate compared with the earlier releases, which were noted as being, at times, a bit too grey.

Subtle Gameplay Changes

For those familiar with the Gears of War series, the gritty, satisfying gameplay is retained in Judgment and is fairly similar to previous releases without any massive changes. This is, as most will agree, no bad thing at all! At a more subtle level, however, it is clear that the gameplay has become a little more difficult and challenging due to the dynamic re-spawning of enemies compared with the pre-determined nature of the first 3 titles. This means you can’t be sure what enemy you’ll face and forces you to think and concentrate more closely which makes it a more challenging and, dare I say it, more enjoyable experience!

Pretty Decent Storytelling

Let’s face it: storytelling has never been the principle attraction of Gears of War. The story has always been there to facilitate the compelling, adrenaline-soaked action rather than the other way around. That being said, the story in Judgement is actually pretty impressive and immersive. The story builds nicely as the game progresses and makes wonderful use of “flashback”. It is set 15 years before the first 3 games in the series, is distinct from the previous games’ stories and is full of the most engaging, interesting conversation between characters in any Gears of War game to date.

Reasonably Long Campaign

The latest trend for video games seems to be for the campaigns to get shorter and shorter. Thankfully Judgment hasn’t followed this disappointing trend, as you will get up to a good 15 hours out of the single player which represents pretty decent value. The action is so riveting that you will likely play it through at least twice. What’s more, with an addictive and fun-filled multi-player mode with a huge range of options you will likely be playing for many months to come.

A Must-Buy For Every Xbox 360 Owner!

It may not be revolutionary, however, Gears of War: Judgment is an essential purchase for virtually every owner of an Xbox 360. It is one of the last big releases of this generation and is the best in an already mightily impressive gaming series. Overall, highly recommended!

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