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Dead Island: Riptide Review

Dead Island: Riptide Review admin

Dead Island: Riptide

Gameplay - 55%
Graphics - 60%
Audio - 60%

Summary: Decent gameplay and a cool new setting!



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The good: You get to enjoy the vicarious thrills of shooting zombies mindlessly! Decent gameplay and a cool new setting!

The Bad: The plot has no depth whatsoever and the graphics are mediocre at best! No improvements over the earlier version of the game. Poor characterization!

Dead Island Riptide is like a hamburger with double cheese and bacon. It is not what you would call fine dining; but it is immensely enjoyable and comforting nevertheless. It does not matter that the burger clogs your arteries and that the recipe lacks creative flair – its job is to make you feel good and it does this wonderfully well. Much better than an expensive plate of scallops drizzled with truffle oil!

Dead Island Riptide starts very well – the first few minutes deliver the promise of a mesmerising, tantalizing tale but soon the plot becomes predictable and the game becomes kind of monotonous. The game will never overwhelm you or send a chill of apprehension and excitement down your spine; still it exposes you to a swarm of zombies that are just waiting to be blown into pieces by a shotgun. There will be a sea of blood, mutilated bodies, broken bones- so if you enjoy those kinds of things, then Riptide is the perfect game for you.

The story is a continuation of the events that took place in the prequel. Four immune survivors – a rapper, a police officer, an ex-rugby player and a body guard try to escape from an island that has been infested by zombies. They end up on an aircraft carrier where they meet another immune soldier. The ship capsizes and they end up on another zombie-afflicted island. The plot is interspersed with elements like chemical weapons, a philanthropic researcher, an eccentric scientist, a civilian who is a control freak and a ruthless, cowardly Colonel. You won’t be bothered by the uninspiring storyline as you will be busy decimating zombies!

The game does have a likable setting – the island theme works well and the scenery is quite picturesque. However, the graphics are quite average – they lack the complexity that is observed in other premium video games. What lets down Riptide the most is the extremely weak characterization, there is absolutely no sense of purpose among any of the survivors and this further ruins the already hapless plot. The combat is a somewhat engaging in the beginning and the zombies become fiercer and more resilient as the game progresses; but once you get the hang of it – even the killing becomes a bit mechanical and dull.

Riptide has been developed by Techland for MS Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360. Several editions have been released; the most notorious among them is the Zombie bait edition – it generated quite a lot of controversy due to the misogynistic depiction of a butchered, bikini-clad female dead body that was used for promoting the game. Riptide has received mixed reviews from critics – IGN gave it 7.2 points out of 10 while Metacritic has awarded it 66/100, 63/100 and 57/100 for Windows, PS and Xbox respectively.

Dead Island Riptide’s USP is that you get to bathe in a shower of blood as you make your way towards god-knows-where. It will not having you jumping with joy after completing a mission – but the game is perfect for venting out your frustration after an argument with your boss, teacher or some other unpleasant person!

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