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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Review

Army of Two:The Devil’s Cartel is a third person shooting game created by Visceral and launched by Electronic Arts for Xbox 360 and PS3. This game is so vicious; you will literally start having nightmares once you start playing it! You will forget that the real world even exists – your sole aim will be to destroy ‘El Diablo’! What makes the game even more fascinating is the fact that it is a dual player – so you can decimate your enemies together with your best buddy! Even though there are a few grey areas, Devil’s Cartel has been unanimously voted as the best edition of the Army of Two franchise.

The Plot:

Alpha and Bravo are two agents operating for Trans World Operations. They act as bodyguards for a Mexican Politician known as Cordova. Cordova is bent on eliminating a powerful drug cartel known as La Guadana or ‘The Scythe’. When the two parties collide, all hell breaks loose and Cordova’s convoy is practically annihilated. Thus, it is now up to the ‘Army of Two’ to carry out the operation. This is when the twists and turns begin – the battle is no more personal – a ghost from the protagonists’ past comes back to haunt them. As the two proceed to take on this malevolent ‘Devil’, they are swept into a thrilling journey filled deception, betrayal and sheer terror!


This is one of the most violent games ever. The enemies just keep intensifying their blitzkrieg! Just when you think that the game is peaking – it surprises you with another wave of obliteration! There is absolutely nothing subtle about the Devil’s Cartel – you would imagine that since there are only two players fighting against many, there would be a lot guerrilla tactics involved. However, the games developers don’t seem to be fans of stealth, so instead of hiding and shooting, Alpha and Bravo simply turn up loaded with ammunition and literally blast away at their enemies. The game retains some of the signature features from previous editions. However, it introduces a new and much likable concept known as ‘overkill’. When your ‘overkill meter’ fills up, you and your partner become consumed with rage and turn into invincible Gods of destruction – inflicting ludicrous amounts of damage on your antagonists.


The game is powered by Frostbite 2 engine and this lifts the graphics considerably. Visuals are one of the strongest points of The Devil’s Cartel. Even though many people have criticized the fact that there is not much variety among enemy characters, the game makes up for this through mesmerizing scenes of pure devastation. The destruction is so beautiful and sublime that it almost feels like art!

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Reviews:

The game has received a mixed response from critics. Metacritic has awarded it scores of 60/100 and 54/100 for PS3 and Xbox 360 – respectively. The Devil’s Cartel may not have the gravitas to compete with BioShock Infinite or some of the other big names that dominate its genre- but it is immensely entertaining never-the- less. Some say that it is a bit too larger than life – but then that’s precisely the point of video games, isn’t it?

Who is the Game Suitable For?

Alpha and Bravo are bloodthirsty warriors on a killing spree! Thus, the game is suitable only for individuals who are more than 12 years old.


Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel has been called ‘unimaginative’ by critics. However, it still has all the things that constitute a good third person shooter – it’s got mind-numbing action, a malicious plot and great graphics! The fact that ‘The Devil’s Cartel’ is so unashamedly brutal somehow makes it like-able in a deep, dark, sinful way. This game is so bad-ass; it will literally awaken the devil within you!

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